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Why banks, auto dealers, finance companies and many more use Metro Auto Recovery & Towing for their collateral recovery services:

  • As a retired police officer, Metro's owner is adept in assisting his agents in the recovery process through intensive investigative techniques learned through years of detective work.
  • We're FAST - We start work immediately upon receipt of your assignment.
  • We enjoy high recovery ratios
  • We have an unparalleled commitment to customer service and client satisfaction
  • We use our own in-house agents who operate our state of the art damage-free tow trucks.
  • We carry the best insurance in the industry thoroughly protecting our clients, and ourselves.
  • We use state of the art software systems, which allow us to communicate efficiently with our drivers.
  • The size of our facility allows us to offer long-term storage on recovered vehicles, when needed.

Recovery Services


We are experts at recovering collateral!  We are your full-service solution for complete asset recovery in Northeast Ohio.  We recover Cars, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles, Boats, Limousines and more.


Our staff can quickly locate your collateral, as we have immediate assignment action and begin working on your recovery within minutes.


Transport Services


We can provide delivery of your vehicles to the auction or location of your choice.


Innovative Pre-Recovery Processes


We run virtually all assignments through local, state, and Internet databases to "mine" for additional information. We have tried and tested most of the Internet databases, and only use the best of the best. Through these processes we often produce more current information than you might have on file. When you combine these tools and resources with our talented and experienced investigators, you can easily see why our recovery ratio is high.


Secured Storage Facilities


Our lot is secured and monitored.  Our facility has over 11,000 square foot of warehouse to store your vehicles indoors upon request. The facility is heated, our lot is fenced and we are equipped with video cameras. We encourage you to come and visit our offices.


Post-Recovery Processes


We pride ourselves with strict and careful handling of the customer's personal effects, and its attention to detail via our condition reports. You can be assured that if an item was in the vehicle at the time of recovery, per law, it will be made available to your customer upon request.


Metro provides you with the best chance of recovering your collateral. Rest assured that we will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations!

We understand the emotions involved with regard to a repossession.  Our highly experienced agents are skilled in conducting a timely and drama-free recovery, and as a result, can mitigate risk, ensuring safety and efficiency for our clients.


Companies that utilize our service include banks, finance companies, auto dealerships and more. As soon as we receive your assignment, it is immediately processed, reviewed for special circumstances and assigned to one of our skilled field agents. We use all means possible to complete the assignment, including telephone and internet investigations, and in-house skip tracing.


Knowing that the cost of re-cutting keys can be costly, Metro strives to obtain keys when the recovery takes place. Your recovered vehicles will be stored at our fenced in and secure facility without a fee for ten days. (Indoor, heated storage is available upon request) Call us today to find out more about our professional recovery services.

How Do I Retrieve Vehicle?

What should I do if my vehicle was towed because it was repossessed?


If your vehicle has been towed due to a bank, car dealership or finance company repossession please contact your lender.  We are not able to release recovered vehicles without a hold removal from our client.


Personal items left in recovered vehicle:  You may retrieve personal items (items not attached to the vehicle) by coming to our lot at 21425 Aurora Road, Warrensville Heights, OH 44146.  While we are a 24 hour tow service, we only accommodate public visits between the hours of 9:00am and 8:00pm Monday through Friday.  In order to pick up personal items you must provide a government issued photo identification and proof of vehicle ownership (title, memorandum of title or registration).

What should I do if my car was towed by order of a law enforcement agency?


If your vehicle was towed due to a traffic accident or other non-citeable event you may retrieve it from our lot at 21425 Aurora Road Warrensville Heights, OH 44146.  All tow and storage fees need to be paid upon pickup, in person, at our office.  You must provide a government issued photo identification and proof of vehicle ownership (title, memorandum of title or registration).


If your vehicle was towed due to an arrest or any type of citable offense you must visit the police department involved and obtain a written vehicle release.  We cannot and will not release any vehicle ordered towed by police without paperwork from the police department releasing the vehicle.  You must also provide a government issued photo identification and proof of vehicle ownership (title, memorandum of title or registration).


Personal items in vehicle towed by police order:  Upon presentation of proof of ownership (title, memorandum of title or registration) the owner of a motor vehicle that is ordered into storage under may retrieve any personal items from the motor vehicle without retrieving the vehicle and without paying any fee. However, the owner may not retrieve any personal item that has been determined by the sheriff or chief of police, as applicable, to be necessary to a criminal investigation.  "Personal items" do not include any items that are physically attached to the motor vehicle.

Can someone else pick up my vehicle for me?



Yes, with proper documentation.  If your vehicle is available for retrieval, you may assign an agent to act on your behalf.  Individuals must have a signed, notarized statement from the registered owner giving authorization for release of the vehicle to the named party.  Original only, no copies are accepted.  Your authorized agent must also present a government issued photo identification.

Payment Options


We accept Cash, Credit Cards* (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) *$5.00 service fee on credit card payments.


Release of the vehicle is predicated on payment and providing the appropriate identification and proof of ownership.


If you need additional information please phone us at 216-714-5712.


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